Mint, stake and swap fearlessly

Pocket Universe is a free browser extension that keeps your assets safe when you sign web3 transactions.

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You get peace of mind on every transaction

We warn you if you're interacting with a malicious transaction that's trying to steal your assets.

Examples of Scams that we detect

Malicious Seaport Transactions

You get tricked into signing a gasless transaction that ‘sells’ your assets for free to a scammer.

We show you exactly which assets are affected in every Seaport transaction.

Example of a gasless, Seaport transaction and how Pocket Universe displays Seaport transactions

Honeypot NFTs

You get tricked into buying an NFT or token that you can’t sell on marketplaces.

We check that you can sell the asset when you're buying it by simulating a sale transaction.

Example of what Pocket Universe displays for a honeypot scam

Counterfeit Tokens

You get tricked into receiving counterfeit assets.

We check that you're receiving NFTs from verified collections and official tokens in every transaction.

Example of the verification ticks in Pocket Universe's UI

Hear what our users have to say

Scam protection is a top priority for both newcomers and veterans in the web3 space.

I think that this is something that anyone in the NFT space will benefit from in light of the complexity of reading/understanding and the sheer scope of scamming in this space. Definitely anyone new to the space, but seasoned traders are not above getting scooped into a sophisticated scam.

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Main benefit is definitely the simulation. Basically lets you see the future and if you're gonna get rugged or not 🤣

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It easily displays to me what is going to possibly happen when I approve a transaction. I dont need to read the etherscan data or try to decypher the metamask as it is. [Pocket Universe] tells me in a easy to understand way.

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Definitely been a huge help with checking out links and saving me from phishing links.

John Carter - Saasy Webflow Template

I feel SAFE and SECURE the product is incredible.

John Carter - Saasy Webflow Template

Frequently Asked Questions

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Will Pocket Universe slow my transactions down?
Which wallets does Pocket Universe work with?

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