Mint, stake and swap fearlessly

Pocket Universe helps you keep your assets safe when you interact with dApps in web3.

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Image showing three cases of what Pocket Universe looks like when you mint, stake or swap tokens. It also shows a warning for token approvals in case it's a phishing scam.

Protect yourself from web3 scams

Every time you interact with a dApp, your assets are at risk.
Signing unlimited token approvals is how your crypto and NFTs get stolen.

Logo for BadgerDAO, which had a front end hack that resulted in $120m stolen from users who got phished.
Official BadgerDAO front end is hacked - $120M stolen
$54M was taken from Celsius, the cryptocurrency loan company.
The logo for Convex Finance, whose front end was hacked and lead users to a phishing contract.
Convex, Ribbon, DefiSaver and Allbridge DNS hacked
Their official DNS was hijacked and brought users to a malicious contract.
Icon for thief in fake mints.
Fake mints & airdrops use wallet drainers
Scammers impersonating legitimate projects steal your funds.

You get to see exactly what happens before you sign a transaction

Clear token approvals
A screenshot showing the warning Pocket Universe shows when a potential phishing site tries to get token approvals from you.
Clear token swaps
A screenshot showing the warning Pocket Universe shows when you do token swaps.

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How it works

Normally, your wallet sends transactions to the blockchain through a server called an RPC node. Here's what that looks like.

A diagram of how normal transactions work with communication between the mint button, wallet, RPC node and blockchain.

Pocket Universe adds one layer of safety.

We simulate your transaction on a copy of the blockchain and check if you're signing a safe transaction.

After the safety checks, you can decide whether you want to continue the transaction on your wallet or if you want to cancel it.

A diagram of how Pocket Universe works to protect people. We add an extra layer of safety by simulating the transaction and alerting you to scams before it gets signed as a transaction.

Pocket Universe only reads your transactions and simulates the outcome. It has no ability to move your assets whatsoever.

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