What to do if you just signed a scam transaction

1. Identify which type of scam transaction you signed (below)

2. Follow the "what to do" steps

Which of these did you sign? 👇

example of a token approval transaction

Token Approval

What to do

- Go to Revoke.cash
- Revoke approvals for any tokens you signed for
- Especially if the allowance is to an address like 0x… rather than “Opensea”

example of a seaport signature

Seaport Signature

What to do

Invalidate previous Seaport Signatures

Option 1
- Go to the Seaport contract on Etherscan
- Click Connect to Web3
- Click "Write" under "incrementCounter" and sign

Option 2
- Visit Harpoon
- Click and sign Button 1 which does the same as above

example of a dangerous eth_sign transaction

Generic signature (eth_sign)

What to do

This signature can do almost anything to your wallet, so
- Create a new wallet and transfer your assets there

Otherwise do all the above steps

example of a fake/scam "upgrade to" transaction

"Upgrade to"

What to do

- Go to Revoke.cash
- Revoke approvals to OpenSea (old) for tokens that you care about

example of a dangerous 'security update' web3 transaction

"Security Update"

What to do

This scam usually takes your ETH immediately
Unfortunately there's nothing you can do here to get that ETH back 😞

I don't remember what I signed!

Create a new wallet (with a new seedphrase)
Move everything to that new wallet

I didn't sign a transaction or signature!

You might have a compromised seedphrase.
This usually happens through being tricked (e.g. fake Metamask support) or downloading malware (e.g. fake P2E game).

What to do
- Create a new wallet with a new seedphrase.
- Move your assets to that new wallet ASAP.
If you suspect it's malware, do these two steps with a different, safe device. Or remove the malware first with Malwarebytes or other programs.

If you want any additional help, feel free to contact us through Discord or Twitter!

How to stay safe

1. Don't rush into signing things. Read the transaction. Learn about different types of scam transactions from our docs.

2. Install Pocket Universe, a scam detection tool that we built to keep you safe from scam transactions.

Stay safe with Pocket Universe

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