Pocket Protect

Get $USDC back if you lose assets to a scam

Coverage for your Assets

Pocket Protect covers your asset losses

If you lose assets due to a malicious transaction that Pocket Universe analyzes incorrectly, we'll cover your losses by giving you $USDC!


High coverage, low cost

Pocket Protect 250
USDC coverage
/ month
Perfect for covering all of your burner wallets.
  • Only 100 spots available
  • Private Discord channel
  • Covers all of your wallets using Pocket Universe
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Pocket Protect 1000
USDC coverage
/ month
Higher coverage to keep more assets safe.
  • Coming soon - very limited supply
  • Private Discord channel
  • Covers all of your wallets using Pocket Universe
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Summary of Terms

What is covered?

Pocket Protect covers you if you lose assets to a malicious transaction, that Pocket Universe reports incorrectly.

Examples include:
- Token approval wallet drainers
- Honeypot NFTs
- An exploit on the old Opensea contract
You can see more examples in our Scam Docs on Notion

Example: You will get covered if Pocket Universe shows you that an NFT mint is safe, but you actually lose assets due to confirming that transaction.

What isn't covered?

Asset losses resulting from
- Compromised seed phrases or private keys
- Rugpulled projects where the project team disappears
- Losses that are not from your wallet, e.g. in smart contracts that you deploy or Gnosis Safe
- Not using or ignoring the warnings given in the Pocket Universe popup

Claim process

It's simple and quick! Just:
- Open a claim ticket in the private Pocket Protect Discord channel
- Provide some basic details on the incident
and we'll review the case within 1-2 days!

For the details
Check out the Full Pocket Protect Terms!

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